DEEP-T Platform

Smart software for preclinical industry

Used in academic labs and biotechs, DEEP-T offers a fully integrated suite of ePreclinical solutions that can be selected and configured based on your study needs and organizational context.

Built as a combination of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, it offers advanced wearable integration capabilities to support remote data collection and study management from anywhere, anytime.

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Accelerate Scientific Discoveries in a secured, reproducible way in a digitally connected environment.


We leverage the latest decentralized technologies

For the past 10 years, science has been going through a crisis known as Reproducibility Crisis. R&D lacks reproducibility, mostly due to issues with methodological details and raw data reliability.

BLOCK-T reduces these problems by integrating blockchain and AI technologies to ePreclinical technologies. These emerging ‘Web 3’ technologies offer powerful tools for promoting preclinical data and research protocols integrity.


$28 billion lost each year, out of $56 billion invested in R&D just the USA.


$1.5 trillion invested each year in R&D, but… 70% of results are IRREPRODUCIBLE


In 2012, Bayer and Amgen tried to follow up on dozens of papers pointing to potential new drugs, but they could not replicate up to 89% of the studies.



The ultimate R&D platform combining ELN, LIMS and LES functionalities


Our e-solutions are designed to support you through your preclinical studies.

Blockchain-based System

Maximize your IPFS deployment and leverage Blockchain technology for secure data and reproducible experiments.

Artificial Intelligence

Structuring and Data analysis

Trust is our innovation

Build your optimal 3.0 R&D environment


  • Design your protocols.
  • Frame your data flow.
  • Connect your instrumentation.
No matter who perform the experiment
Protocol reproducibility 100%
Never lose data again
Data reliability 100%
Immutable, tamper-proof Blockchain = No single point of failure
Security 100%

DEEP-T Platform

A connected interface

An intuitive interface

DEEP-T software meets all your needs for collecting, sharing, analyzing, and archiving scientific data, but it’s also designed to be flexible and easy to change.


  • Compliance Management
  • Protocol/SOP management
  • Workflow management
  • Inventory management
  • Task management
  • Sample management
  • Data import and export
  • Collaboration tools
  • Reports and analysis

Blockchain / Interconnected modules

All DEEP-T modules are built on the same Blockchain infrastructure, which securizes your workflows, data, and maintenance, and maximizes your lab’s efficiency in realtime.

IoT data with Blockchain

Build trust in your data.
Monitored lab temperature, CO2, data files… Each data flux recorded from devices, freezers, monitors, is put into a secure, immutable data chain that cannot be corrupted.



  • Documents research in one place.
  • Capture and import data from complex and simple analytical instruments.


  • Manage product inventory, storage capacity
  • Oversight of a lab’s entire inventory.


  • Design your protocols.
  • Frame your data flow.
  • Connect your instrumentation.


  • Data integrity enhanced by verifying equipment, lab personnel and materials / products / samples

Blockchain and AI can strengthen science’s verification process, helping to make more research results reproducible, true, and reliable.

About Us

Block-T was founded early 2021. We bring together a team of innovation researchers and software developers, sharing a common vision of improving science with 3.0 technologies.

Because we belong to this generation of young researchers who witnessed the onset of a persistent Reproducibility crisis, negatively affecting the public’s trust in science, we early realized that we needed to create new digital tools to significantly improve scientific research.

Our values

TRUST is the heart of our project and represents one of the cardinal values of our company, associated to TRANSPARENCY. This is the reason why we use 3.0 digital levers, characterized by a fusion of technologies that is blurring the lines between the physical, digital, and biological spheres . We created DEEP-T, which is rooted in blockchain, AI, and the philosophy behind it. These new technologies can strengthen science’s verification process (SECURITY), helping to make more research results reproducible, true, and reliable.

BLOCK-T Management

Our team

Khalil Miloudi, PhD

co-founder & CEO

Entrepreneur, neurovascular expert with extensive preclinical development expertise. Innovator and team builder.

Samy F. Omri, PhD

Co-Founder & CSO

Academic entrepreneur, project manager and consultant. Extensive preclinical development, biotech and C.R.O. expertise.

Aymen Trimech, MSc


Experienced blockchain and SaaS/Software architect. Tech-entrepreneur with 10+ years’ experience.

Samir Yalaoui, OCC CEO

Business developer

Experienced consultant with project management, business analysis and technical leader competencies and skills, with 25+ years’ experience (Ericsson, Telus, Bell, CN).

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